Every faith represented in the Interfaith Council recognizes our shared humanity beyond categories of gender, race, and religion. We are deeply troubled by the increase in violent speech and action targeting historically marginalized groups that serve to widen division and push us further apart from each other. We agree with the Parliament of World Religion’s Declaration
To be authentically human in the spirit of our great religious and ethical traditions means that in public as well as in private life we must be concerned for others and ready to help. We must never be ruthless and brutal. Every people, every race, every religion must show tolerance and respect–indeed high appreciation–for every other.”

Towards A Global Ethic: A Declaration of the Parliament of the World’s Religions

We cannot ignore the violence, but seek to counter division by increasing our acts of interfaith unity, most recently demonstrated in the Love & Solidarity Celebration. We call on people of all faiths and no faith to work for long-term relationships that value differences in their communities and beyond.