Prayer Cycle

Carbondale Interfaith Council Prayer Cycle

What is the Carbondale Interfaith Council Prayer Cycle?

When the precursor to the Interfaith Council formed more than 40 years ago as a Christian association, its first members asked how they could be of service to the community and build bridges between people of faith of differing backgrounds.  The first act of the council was the decision to pray for one another.  This gesture was a symbol of reverence, respect, and gratitude for the divine voice that speaks to us in myriad ways and within a great diversity of religions and spiritualities.  As we have grown into a truly interfaith organization, we continue the tradition of praying for one another in the same spirit.

How individual communities of faith and conscience use the prayer cycle is a matter of choice.  Some choose to pray for each week’s highlighted member during their religious services.  Others share the prayer list for the month in newsletters or other  communications.  We invite you to find your own way to lift one another up in love.

All dates are Mondays.