Resolution for Endorsement of the Charter for Compassion by the Carbondale Interfaith Council

Whereas the purpose of the Carbondale Interfaith Council is to make God’s love visible, and human compassion is a powerful and direct expression of that love, and

Whereas each of our faith traditions includes an affirmation of compassion within the core of its wisdom and teachings, and

Whereas the world around us, both within our own community and far beyond its boundaries, cries out for greater compassion in human words and actions,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Carbondale Interfaith Council affirms the Charter for Compassion and will add its name to the online list of those who have endorsed the Charter, and

Be it further resolved that the Council, its member faith communities, and we as individual representatives of those faith communities will continue and extend our efforts to embody compassion in our thoughts, words, and deeds, and

Be it further resolved that the Carbondale Interfaith Council will support efforts within the community for certifying Carbondale as a Compassionate City.