Resolution in Support of Economic Justice and Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Whereas the purpose of the Carbondale Interfaith Council is to make God’s love visible, and we seek to make that love more present throughout our community, region, and nation; and

Whereas each of our faith traditions embodies concern and respect for the well-being of all peoples, especially those in disadvantaged situations, as well as commitment to responsible stewardship of the Earth and its bounties; and

Whereas Good Samaritan Ministries, a project of the Carbondale Interfaith Council, and initiatives undertaken by our member faith communities themselves both give us direct understanding of the inequities and injustice present in our current economic system, which often grievously fails those most vulnerable in our society, and puts the welfare of so many hard-working individuals and families at risk;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Carbondale Interfaith Council stands in solidarity with those – like participants in the “Occupy” movement – who oppose the continued support of systems that create and amplify economic injustice and/or non-sustainable environmental practices;

Be it further resolved, that the Carbondale Interfaith Council calls upon our member faith communities to speak and to take action in support of economic justice, environmental sustainability, and the common welfare, as instructed by each community’s own religious traditions and teachings; and

Be it further resolved that the Carbondale Interfaith Council calls upon all those elected as representatives, at the local, state, and federal levels, to create, enact, and implement legislation that embodies the concept of economic justice within our nation, and that helps transform the global economy into one of economic justice, equality of opportunity, and responsible environmental stewardship; and

Be it finally resolved that the Carbondale Interfaith Council abhors and condemns any use of violence towards those who exercise their freedoms of speech and assembly in a responsible and sincere manner.